Our Thoughts - In Words:

#1 - Oct. 1 - Sticky Salad

this is king shelter, you are the people. I am the shelter you are the kings. King shelter started their northwest tour last night in LA at the teragram ballroom. the crowd smelled just a bit of what these salad noobs could do. performing with the Aussie sex team:sticky fingers, King shelter smacked boobs in the face with their LA salad rock in hopes to show the people what we can all do together. this tour is going to bring head banging love to the hearts of every pretty flacko and every lonely mom. honestly tho, the only thing that had a harder, hard on than my lymph nodes were the moms. last night brought sweat, blood and fuckery to kingly level. i'm Jonny, you're the people. stay updated with all our social media this tour! first stop... SAN FRANCISCO. see you kids around. Plz tune in to all our mediazzzzz. I'll be updating as the tour rides smoothly along the northwest trails. be with us via blog, Facebook, Twitter... And all that guud stuff. we luv you all. I hope I get to kiss every one of your children's foreheads.

-Make America Salad Again